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Such stuff as dreams are made on

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

If you’ve arrived here looking for Don Quixote, I’m sorry to disappoint you. While I have done more than my share of tilting at windmills, please don’t expect me to break into song about dreaming The Impossible Dream. (Robert Goulet cornered that market decades ago.)

No, “Impossible Dreams” is more about dreaming big, which is something I did as a wide-eyed twentysomething when I actually had the… oh, let’s say “chutzpah” to start my own science fiction magazine. And in each issue of Questar, I used my editorial – “Impossible Dreams” – to explore topics big and small. Back then, installments of my print soapbox speculated on the future and reexamined the past, the same kind of timeless exercises which lured me to science fiction and fantasy in the first place. In that same spirit of adventure I’ll add my own unique (and sometimes twisted) spin on news, business, technology and all things popular culture in this new online incarnation.

So stick around. We’re just getting started, and when you dream big, there’s no stopping you!

–Bill Wilson


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